Fashion dust mask sports a hunter orange camouflage pattern in neon orange, black and gray. Mask is fully lined with 100% cotton for double layered protection. Sturdy and soft. Stays in place with elastic loops to pull behind your ears. Loops can be adjusted by loosening knot and retying or replace with longer loops. 


Fitted fashion dust mask provides full coverage of nose and mouth.

Kerchief style fashion dust mask is fitted along the bridge of the nose and loose around the mouth and chin.


 * Make a fashion statement
 * Polyester Hunter Orange Camouflage
 * 100% cotton lining
 * Elastic loops
 * Machine wash and dry
 * Fitted style provides full coverage
 * Available in 2 sizes
 * Comfortable and breathable


Mask can be washed gentle/cold, dry low heat to preserve color.


==>>Not rated for germ or virus protection

Hunter Orange Camouflage Fashion Dust Mask